differenttypesoflawyers-151211102942-thumbnail-4Lawyers come in all shapes and sizes. However, if one goes alphabetically, there will be hundreds of lawyers of different types. In each case there is a different lawyer. Having a problem, but one is unsure as to whom to go to? Choosing the right lawyer, cuts down the time and money. Hence it is best to do a survey before choosing your lawyer. We will be discussing a few in detail and which are very prevalent in our country.

  • Lawyer for Adoption cases: This concerns the procedure and requires establishing a legal child –parent relationship between adults and orphan children who do not have biological parents. As per law an adopted child has the same rights as a normal child of adoptive parents. The legal issues involved include father’s rights, local or foreign adoptions, fees for adoption and expenses, and access to adoption records. Source
  • Lawyer for Automobile accidents: This concerns the liability for private and civil wrongs of owners, property damage, personal injury and death resulting from an auto accident. Legal issues include the duties owed by owners or drivers of the vehicle, an extent of property damage, insurance coverage and its limitations and degree of fault. This could include contributory of competitive negligence. Sourcedifferent-types-of-lawyers
  • Lawyers for banking Law: This will cover bank officials, regulation of banks; checking accounts both saving as well as current, bank loans etc. Bank related crimes also include saving and loan associations, and credit unions that provide banking services. Bank customers should consult their lawyer in problems like accessing deposit accounts, funds transfer, etc. Source
  • Lawyer for Breach of Contract: This occurs when a party fails to perform a contractual duty. The reason for the breach determines the remedy what the injured party would like to seek. In the case of a material breach, as a failure to pay or perform a major part of the contract may result in its termination, unless there are enough defenses. It is only the judge that can decide whether a breach is material. Other breach of contract includes injunction or money damages. Source
  • Lawyer for collections: This law regulates the methods used by debt collectors or debt collection agencies in trying to collect debts owed by individuals. The legal issues include limits communication on debtors, unfair or prohibited practice collection, misappropriation of collection funds, rights of debtors and remedies for violation such as compensatory damages and lawyers fees. Sourcedifferent_types_of_lawyers
  • Lawyers for Construction Accidents: This concerns civil suits or action for personal injuries or property damages that occur during the construction of a building. The legal issues involved are landowner, contractor and sub contractor liability under construction contract or presence of dangerous conditions, injuries by accidental or intentional means, workers compensation coverage compensatory damages etc. Source
  • Lawyer for Criminal Law: This includes minor and major criminal offences and the rules of the criminal justice process that includes arrest, bail, guilty plea, preliminary hearing, trial, sentencing, parole, and appeal and post conviction relief. This includes the right to remain silent, right to counsel and right to free and speedy trial. Source

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